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Methane bursts from frozen tundra as winter sets in.

As the autumn cold begins to bite in the Arctic tundra, the freezing ground releases a large and unexpected burst of methane into the air. The emissions, thought to be squeezed out by the growth of surface frost, match up with an atmospheric methane surge that had previously gone unexplained.

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Crashing shorebird populations worldwide

Shorebird populations have shrunk, on average, by an estimated 70% across North America since 1973, and the species that breed in the Arctic are among the hardest hit. Photo by Malkolm Boothroyd

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Smallest plankton grow fastest with rising CO2

Could the future of the ocean depend on its smallest organisms? New studies show that increased CO2 in ocean water can disrupt the food chain for larger species that feed on them and potentially impact ocean currents.

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