Arctic Arts Project
Arctic Arts Project

“During "The Journey of Change Expedition" on Scoresbysund, I felt a deep sense of responsibility in capturing each moment in time, knowing that I may be one of only a few people on earth witnessing a given subject.” -Kerry Koepping

Arctic Arts Project

"When we try and pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe."- John Muir

Arctic Arts Project

The Melt- The facts

The Arctic is warming twice as quickly as the global average ( a phenomenom know as Arctic Amplification). in 2016 there was a calculated 450 billion metric tons of fresh water melt from the Greenalnd glaciers and ice cap.

The Arctic Arts Project Project Director

Onboard the Schooner Ship Donna Wood in Scoresbysund Greenland

Exhibitions, Shows and Installs

INSTAAR- Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research- Boulder, Colorado
60 Image Exhibition representing the Arctic Arts Photographic Team
Open Monday-Friday

University of Colorado- Boulder, Colorado

UCAR- Boulder, Colorado
Permanent Instalation- Vatnajokull Icecave 2014-2015
Open Daily 8:00am-4:30pm

Brown University- Earth Sciences Exhibit

University Of Indonesia-Jakarta

Awards and Selections

2019- Arctic Biodiversity Congress
Photograph of the Year- Ice Camp Aurora

2019 - International Monochrome Awards - 6-time winner
• Windswept
• Dirty Arch
• Fractured Methane Bubbles
• JokullSalon Calving Face
• Storm Foss
• Iceberg Storm

2018 - International Landscape Photographer of the Year
Top 101 Photos of the Year 2-time winner

2018 - PROIFY- International Foto of the Year
Top 50 Photo- Aurora Ice Camp

2018 - International Monochrome Awards - 8-time winner
• Dog Sled
• Glacial River Too
• The Horn
• Leaky Foss
• The Polar Hunt
• Reflective Berg
• Ready for the Hunt
• Trail to Gold

2018 - US Senator Michael Bennet
Colorado Congressional Collection for "Wilson Dawn"

2017- Smithsonian Magazine- Jakobshavn Melt-
Sustainable Environmental Travel Photographer of the Year- finalist

2017- Global Arctic Awards- Bronze Medal- Trails to Gold

2016- NotIndoor Magazine-International Photographer of the Year Finalist

2015- Arctic Commission- Gold Medal Award
"Small Against Time"

2015- CameraPixo- Inspire Magazine
"Dunes at the Horn"


Kerry Koepping

Director- Arctic Arts Project 
Research Affiliate- Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research- University of Colorado

Zeal Optics Ambassador
- Kerry Koepping

Kerry is an internationally acclaimed environmental photographer and communicator with a passion for the outdoors and the Arctic. His work has been published in prestigious media channels throughout the world including the Smithsonian, NCAR, ECO, National Academy of Science, The Arctic Council, and the U. S. Arctic Research Commission.  Kerry has also been a presenter at international forums and conferences on climate change; most recently at the Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavik, Iceland and The Visual Climate Change Forum at The University of Indonesia, Jakarta.
His unique vision for the Arctic Arts Project evolved while shooting in Denali, Alaska where he captured rarely seen permafrost polygon hummock imagery that evoked a passionate global response from naturalists, scientists and artists.

Kerry on winter expedition with the Arctic Arts Project this winter in Scoresby Sund Greenland to document the Inuit Hunter and changes to their lifestyle.

Kerry’s journeys over the last nine years have taken him from the back-country of Alaska, to the Inuit settlements and glaciers of Northern Greenland, to helicopter flights over Iceland’s Holuhraun Volcano. With each expedition focused on communicating, to the world, the visual response to climate change.
"I love that photography is light. It is exhilarating to engage a scene and watch as the light evolves throughout the day. To be able capture the exhilarating first breath of light to the days dramatic end is a very sensory experience. For me, each photograph is a journey in perception, an exploration in seeing the world that surrounds us. When photographing the Arctic, I tune in to the hidden storylines within the subject at hand and try to communicate that sense back to the person seeing a final image. I feel a deep sense of responsibility in capturing a moment in time, knowing that I may be the only person on earth witnessing a given subject.” 
In recent presentations to the Colorado High School educational communities, Kerry coined the Phrase “To See Things Differently” in order to inspire the students to look at things in their own world with question and conviction. This phrase has now become the title of the Arctic Arts Project’s major exhibitions – “To See Things Differently” – The Visual Response to change.
The Show at NCAR (The National Center for Atmospheric Research) in Boulder, Colorado, reached an unprecedented 65,000 visitors in 10 months.