The Arctic Arts Project Visual Voice

Seeking excellence and accurancy in visual literacy

Visual literacy is developed through the deep documentation of a place through imagery. The Arctic Arts Projects aspires to bring visual literacy of the Arctic and beyond through award-winning imagery and film. We strive to bring an environment to life from the tiniest aspects in macro to aerial imagery. In our thorough visual documentation, we can show the world what climate chaos looks like, as well as the story of change. Empathy for place and people is inherent in our work. Join us in a journey to the Arctic as the kinetic forces of climate change alters every aspect of its ecosystems.


Bringing the story of climate change to life

The Arctic Arts Project creates personal, narrative, and specific content supported by solid science.

Why is visual literacy important?
• Our future depends on the world understanding climate change.
• It is difficult to see the current effects of climate change
• People feel isolated and ineffective because of 
the magnitude of climate change.
• Most people do not know how climate change 
will affect them personally.
• Scientists have been unable to effectively convey the
information they have about climate change.
• Solving climate change is possible, but it requires many
actions by many actors that must be undertaken soon.
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What drives the Arctic Arts Team?
Inspiration, awe and fear drive the collaborators in the Arctic Arts Project. The photographers and filmmakers of the project have been visiting the Arctic for many years. The changes they've seen in the Arctic, as well as the changes in climate throughout the planet, are very real and very scary. The pace of change is difficult to comprehend without visual literacy. The Arctic Arts team offers the world a window into the evolving Arctic.
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How does understanding translate into action?
Seeing the consequences of human activity, we believe will inspire action. Our work is meant to bring the science to life, tell the story of change as it is happening and help people change their behavior to avoid deeper alteration of the planet's climate systems.
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