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Our ambassador program seeks to find a maximum of 12 donors, committed to three years of support. This funding will be used in all aspects of the organization from administration, to expeditions, to films and projects. This is our essential funding source, allowing us the flexibility to put the money where we need it. It will allow us to provide salaries to employees, manage expeditions and participate in exhibitions and presentations internationally.  It will also allow us to bring our content to 360 immersive environments, including feature length and short dome theatre productions and virtual reality, which will become a cornerstone in our work.

Expedition Partners

For donors that prefer to fund specific projects, we are seeking 8 partners for a three year commitment. These funds will be used specifically for expeditions, including travel, equipment, hiring of guides where necessary and all the other incidentals required to get a team of photographers and videographers into the places we need to document the story of climate change. Current expeditions in the planning phase include Siberia, Baffin Island and Disko Island, in the Arctic, and a continuation of the North American Colorado river basin project, “Into the Delta”. We will begin work on an expedition to Antarctica next year as well.

Exhibition Sponsors

For sponsors focused more on the educational side of our work, we are looking for an unlimited number of donors, providing support over three year time periods. These sponsorships will fund the organization’s international exhibitions and presentations. Our collaborators currently participate in many events that inform and educate people about climate change. From local schools teaching kids as young as 10, to large auditoriums filled with curious individuals, we share what we’ve learned and seen. This funding covers expenses associated with exhibits, printing, audio/visual equipment, travel expenses and media coverage. We are currently working with the British Museum on their 2020 Arctic exhibit, and the 2021 Arctic Frontiers International Climate Forum.

“Humans are inherently visual beings, and the power of the Arctic Arts visual mission could not come at a more critical time, because as scientists we desperately need new tools to convey the absolute urgency of the climate crisis to the world it threatens.  The stunning visual imagery of Arctic Arts, coupled with succinct, fact-based science and education make for a powerful channel that appeals to the soul. It inspires us to re-think how we live, work, eat, move, and use energy so that we might take better care of the fragile blue planet on which we are so fortunate to flourish.  Seeing is understanding.”

– Bruce H. Vaughn- Scientist, University of Colorado-INSTAAR


We love to represent great quality goods, services and equipment in the field and in our presentations and exhibitions


Individual Donations

We need help from people like you. Help us make the world a better place for future generations

To participate in one of our partner programs, please contact:

Arctic Arts Project Executive Director: Kerry Koepping



Arctic Arts Project Executive Producer: Andrea Sparrow


“Engagement. Humans are visual learners / processors first and foremost. In order for humankind to come to grips with climate realities and in turn to make updated, informed, thoughtful, systemic, yet often less convenient choices, we need to engage in the issues via visceral + inspirational + undeniable ways. Cue: Arctic Arts Project.”

Jessica and Decker Rolph, Arctic Arts Project Supporters