Marc Muench

Marc Muench is an internationally renowned landscape photographer with eleven book titles to his name, ESPN outdoor shows, Creative Live presentations and numerous magazine, calendar and poster titles to his credit. Marc is a third generation landscape photographer following in the family tradition started by his grandfather Josef Muench and then his father David Muench.

Marc currently runs photography classes and workshops around the world with his company Muench Workshops.

Kerry Koepping, Director

To See The World

Marc’s  journeys over the last seven years have taken him from the backcountry of Alaska, to the Inuit settlements and glaciers of Northern Greenland, to helicopter flights over Iceland’s Holuhraun Volcano. With each expedition focused on communicating, to the world, the visual response to climate change.


Exhibitions, Shows and Installs

Jacques Cousteau once said, “We only protect what we love, we only love what we understand, and we only understand what we are taught.”

Santa Barbara Museum of Art
“Made in Santa Barbara”
Wildling Art Museum
“Explorations in North America”
G2 Gallery
“Wild Catalina”
G2 Gallery
“100 year anniversary of the National Parks”

Awards and Selections

Photography sponsorships

1995 – Canon Explorer of Light

2010 – Kodak Photo Icon

2016 – Hasselblad Master

ReCompose Podcasts- By Marc Muench and Andy Williams

reCOMPOSE 77: Photography in the Arctic – Arctic Arts ProjectIn this episode, Andy and Marc talk with Kerry Koepping and Talor Stone about the intersection of photography and climate change.


 – National Parks of America, Graphic Arts Publishing

 – American Portfolios

 – Primal Forces

 – Exploring North American Landscapes

 – The Art of Seeing

I feel a deep sense of responsibility in capturing a moment in time, knowing that I may be one of only a few people on earth witnessing a given subject.