Joshua Holko

Joshua is an internationally acclaimed environmental wildlife photographer and communicator with a passion for the outdoors and the Polar Regions.

Living in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Joshua is a full time professional nature photographer who specializes in polar photography. Joshua is a fully accredited AIPP Master of Photography and member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP). He has won countless awards for his photography including being named the 2015 Global Arctic Photographer of the Year. Joshua is officially represented by Philip Kulpa and the Source Photographic Gallery in Australia and Aspen USA.

Kerry Koepping, Director

Light at the Arctic’s Edge

Nothing compares to the light you find at winter’s edges in the Arctic. Its breathtaking summer affords twenty-four-hour daylight in the Arctic (the midnight sun) which in effect means you can photograph right through the night and double the amount of time you have available to actively search for polar bears. The possibility of golden light with the midnight sun draws many photographers to the Arctic in the summer months. Experience has shown me that the light is often softer at night (although the sun never truly sets). Some areas of the Arctic are prone to fog in summer and the combination of midnight sun and fog can create a beautiful atmosphere for photography.

Exhibitions, Shows and Installs

Joshua's work has been exhibited at international shows and expos across the USA and Europe including Photokina in Germany and PhotoPlus in New York. Recently his work was featured in Exhibitions in Cuba and Australia. Joshua's photography has also been exhibited at Montsalvat Art Gallery, purchased by City Councils, as well as private collectors around the world.

INSTAAR- Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research
Boulder, Colorado
60 Image Exhibition representing the Arctic Arts Photographic Team
Open Monday-Friday
Frozen in Time
Melbourne Australia
June-July 2020
Sydney Australia
September 2020
Camaguey Cuba
November 2019
Havana Cuba
February 2020

Awards and Selections

2019 – Victorian Epson Nature Photographer of the Year

2018 – Epson Documentary Photographer of the year

2017 – Epson Documentary Photographer of the year


2015 – Global Arctic Photographer of the Year

2014- AIPP Canon Professional Science Environment and Nature Photographer of the Year

2012- Outdoor Photographer of the Year


I feel a deep sense of responsibility in capturing the truth within each given moment. Shooting with integrity is core to representing life in the polar regions

Joshua Holko, Arctic Arts Project